BCCK is Looking for a Senior Mechanical Engineer


A senior mechanical engineer is responsible for the design and conformance of mechanical equipment and materials within a company project. The senior mechanical engineer will be involved in multiple projects simultaneously, with projects at different stages, at any given time. A senior mechanical engineer is expected to handle most job functions with little technical assistance and is expected to work under the general supervision of the vice president of engineering. In addition, the senior mechanical engineer should be able to provide supervision of junior engineers as required by the vice president of engineering.


Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.

  • Conceptual and detailed specification or design of mechanical equipment including, but not limited to, pumps, compressors and expanders.
  • Develops and maintains spreadsheet tools for detailed design of equipment and systems required for contracted work.
  • Utilizes software tools such as Caesar for finite element analysis to determine that forces on piping systems and equipment due to temperature change are within design tolerance.
  • Works in coordination with the design group to make modifications of the detailed design to rectify non-conformance of calculated stress forces.
  • Develops and review mechanical specifications for equipment pertinent to execution of the job.
  • Works with other engineering and design staff in the development of Piping and Instrument Diagrams (P&IDs) for each project.
  • Performs system studies to ensure cohesion of mechanical equipment within systems for the design purpose.
  • Is familiar with appropriate company and industry codes and ensure conformance of specified systems and equipment.
  • Works with the project detail group to solicit quotations for all components from potential suppliers as predetermined by other engineering, design, project management and this position.
  • Completes evaluations of returned quotations and make selections based on that evaluation and return completed evaluation forms to project management for review and final approval.
  • After final approval, provides final specifications including equipment specifications, selected vendors, pricing and any other pertinent data to the project detail group for execution of the purchase of the required equipment.
  • Provides technical support and troubleshooting of ongoing client process operations, as required.
  • Participates in project meetings at the request of the project manager.
  • Prepares for daily interaction with other engineering, design, project detail, project managers and fabrication personnel as well as vendors.

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