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BCCK Engineering and its family of companies are actively involved in projects and oil and gas industry events covering the midstream markets. Find news from the BCCK family of companies here and see what industry events we will be participating in.

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Industry Events

  • Marcellus Utica Midstream Conference - Marcellus Utica Midstream Conference will be held January 24-26 in the David L. Lawrence Convention Center in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Now more than ever, you need to stay connected to the latest intelligence coming from the field. Register for the 2017 Marcellus-Utica Midstream conference and exhibition and you will: READ MORE


Project Experience

  • Kingfisher County, Oklahoma Project #0914 - 66 MMSCFD nitrogen rejection facility using Style III Nitech™ technology for processing nitrogen on the residue of a new cryo plant in central Oklahoma. This facility also includes BCCK’s new vent stream purifier for ultra-low methane emissions.  (The Nitech™ process is a BCCK patented process READ MORE
  • Reagan County, Texas Project #2814 - 200 MMSCFD 1440 PSIG HARP style slug catcher and associated 90,000 gallon condensate stabilizer feed vessel. BCCK scope includes installation drawings and foundations designs.
  • Weld County, Colorado Project #5714 - 60 MMSCFD inlet facility including HARP style slug catcher, condensate stabilization, metering, product storage, power distribution, control system, and installation.
  • Kingfisher County, Oklahoma Project #6214 - 100 MMSCFD RSV cryogenic expander plant, including dehydration, propane refrigeration, NGL surge and pipeline pumps.
  • Loving County, Texas Project #3915 - 20 MMSCFD cryo plant utilizing an existing cryo and amine system. BCCK is providing the balance of plant as well as the associated engineering/design, and installation.
  • Loving County, Texas Project #5415 - 60 MMSCFD cryogenic expander plant. For this project, BCCK’s client is supplying their own cryo and associated equipment. BCCK is providing the balance of plant including, inlet separation/stabilization, control system/HMI console, all facility utilities, associated engineering/design and on-site construction.
  • Midland County, Texas Project #7915 - 35 MMSCFD nitrogen rejection facility using Nitech™ technology for processing nitrogen on the residue of a new cryo plant in West Texas. This unit will incorporate BCCK’s latest Style III Nitech™ NRU technology and is currently in progress.  Completion December 2016.  (The Nitech™ process is READ MORE


  • Nitech™ Nitrogen Rejection with Integrated Helium Extraction - Formed through the radioactive decay of heavy metals uranium and thorium, the vast majority of the earth’s supply of helium permeates through the earth’s surface and, being lighter than air, eventually dissipates into outer space. As it is not currently feasible or economic to process the helium existing READ MORE
  • Nitrogen Rejection with Integrated High NGL Extraction - Estimates place as much as 25% of the natural gas in the United States out of specification with regard to nitrogen content. Typically, a processor can expect the pipelines to require less than 3.0 mole percent nitrogen in their natural gas stream. With a decline in conventional READ MORE
  • Nitrogen Separation Technologies - Nitrogen Separation Technologies: Best Served Hot or Cold?   Today’s market of sustainable high gas prices and dwindling reserves has caused producers to consider non-traditional sources of revenue generation. Once considered trash gas or a waste stream, high nitrogen reserves are now being reexamined as economically viable. In READ MORE
  • Nitech™ Nitrogen Rejection is Pipeline Solution - BCCK’s Nitech™ Nitrogen Rejection Process Provides Solution to Meeting Tighter US Pipeline Restrictions As the demand for natural gas continues to escalate in the US and around the globe, unconventional gas sources are receiving more attention as viable energy options. Global environmental pressure is fueling demand READ MORE
  • BCCK’s Nitech™ NRU Technology Proven NRU Technology for the Gas Industry - BCCK’s Nitech™ NRU Technology Proven NRU Technology for the Gas Industry View the presentations


  • Nitech™ Nitrogen Rejection Technology - Nitech™ Nitrogen Rejection Technology: Efficiency Without the Complexity Typically Associated with Nitrogen Rejection Gregory L. Hall, P.E. BCCK Engineering, Inc. In 1994, a new technology for separating nitrogen from natural gas was introduced with a full-scale processing plant located near Mist, Oregon. Several years of research and development by READ MORE