Nitech® Nitrogen Rejection is Pipeline Solution

BCCK’s Nitech® Nitrogen Rejection Process Provides Solution to Meeting Tighter US Pipeline Restrictions

As the demand for natural gas continues to escalate in the US and around the globe, unconventional gas sources are receiving more attention as viable energy options. Global environmental pressure is fueling demand for natural gas as a clean-burning, environmentally friendly power generation alternative to aging coal–fired power plants. Natural gas facilities have relatively low emissions of sulfur dioxide and particulate matter and far lower levels of “greenhouse” gas emissions, an advantage which politically supports a global shift from oil and coal to natural gas. In addition, current economic conditions in the United States have sparked an interest in becoming less dependent on foreign energy markets, with a preference for finding a proven and reliable energy source within the continental US. With US storage volumes of natural gas currently well above the five-year average, the abundance of natural gas readily available is politically appealing in a society intent on shifting energy dependence away from foreign sources. Various sources of natural gas are found throughout the United States and the infrastructure required to handle an increase in the demand for natural gas is sound and accessible.