Nitech® Nitrogen Rejection with Integrated Helium Extraction

Formed through the radioactive decay of heavy metals uranium and thorium, the vast majority of the earth’s supply of helium permeates through the earth’s surface and, being lighter than air, eventually dissipates into outer space. As it is not currently feasible or economic to process the helium existing in the atmosphere, the majority of the world’s helium supply is processed from non-porous cavities which also contain high nitrogen natural gas. Should conditions merit, for gas processors fortunate enough to find helium reserves coming led in their low-BTU natural gas plays, the helium stream can be of significant monetary value. Since nitrogen rejection and helium recovery go hand in hand, the helium recovery aspect can greatly enhance the project economics for low-BTU gas processing and BCCK has proven the integration of helium recovery with the Nitech® NRU process.