Engineering Expertise

Over the past 30 years, BCCK has built a reputation as an innovative solutions provider and is known across the energy sector for its precise engineering and design work.

In 1994, a new technology for separating nitrogen from natural gas was introduced with a full-scale processing plant, which BCCK spent several years researching and developing. Along the way, the engineers at BCCK spent a significant amount of time optimizing the nitrogen rejection unit (NRU) process to ensure that hydrocarbon recovery was as efficient as possible. Through observations of operational concerns of conventional cryogenic NRUs, BCCK developed the patented nitrogen rejection technology, Nitech®, which requires no cryogenic rotating equipment.

As new ways to reduce facility downtime and cut operating expense are realized, you can be assured that the engineers at BCCK Engineering will be leading the way in new technology and solutions for natural gas processing.