CO2 Removal


BCCK has gained extensive experience with various processes for the extraction of CO2 from natural gas streams. Our team of experts has also developed technology to economically process high CO2 streams where it is desired to sequester the CO2, which is becoming more important in today’s market.

BCCK Engineering can provide turnkey facilities including the following options for CO2 removal:

  • Membranes
  • Cryogenic fractionation
  • Cryogenic fractionation with integrated chemical absorption

In order to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions, it is becoming necessary for producers to sequester CO2 instead of venting. BCCK understands that this is not necessarily a revenue stream for all producers, unless the project is involved with a CO2 flood. With either naturally occurring high CO2 or an associated CO2 flood, BCCK can supply the best CO2 extraction solution.

In today’s emerging market there is an increasing need for economically viable processing of high CO2 streams, whether from naturally occurring streams or from CO2 flood projects. BCCK’s technology and experience in processing high CO2 meets those needs.

With BCCK, our clients can minimize capital expenditures and operating costs with our ultra high CO2 sequestration and ultra high CO2 removal processes. We understand that in order to provide the best solution, we must evaluate the entire project lifecycle costs of various processing options. BCCK has the experience and capability to provide clients with the best option for high CO2 extraction.

BCCK Engineering’s CO2 technologies provide the most efficient and cost-effective means of handling high CO2 gas. BCCK’s experience includes using membrane-based CO2 removal, CO2 removal by fractionation and the use of refrigerated MeOH to provide a stream with very low CO2 concentrations to allow further cryogenic processing or for feed to an LNG facility without the concern for CO2 freezing.

In addition, BCCK technologies and processes also directly remove NGL components from gas streams containing CO2. The increase in NGL production can be significant to the processor’s bottom line.

BCCK can help operators make money from CO2 rich reserves by:

  • Purifing natural gas into a sellable product
  • Creating a high-quality CO2 product for resale or reuse
  • Separating NGLs for sale