Nitrogen Rejection

nitrogenrejectionBCCK’s Nitech® Nitrogen Rejection Unit (NRU) process works day-in and day-out, anywhere on Earth. Plus, BCCK provides technical expertise, intelligent design, installation guidance and help in integrating our Nitech® Nitrogen Rejection Unit technology with other processing requirements like we did for this grassroots treating facility.

To date, BCCK has built 27 Nitech® NRU facilities.

In 2005, a customer chose BCCK for design and installation of their Badlands Gas Plant in North Dakota. The customer chose the patented Nitech® Nitrogen Rejection Unit to reduce increasing volumes of nitrogen in their fire flood project from as high as 80 percent to a target of 10 percent.

BCCK’s solution included integrated NGL extraction with the Nitech® NRU process, CO2 extraction  and liquid product fractionation. As a result, our customer was able to sell multiple NGL product streams including propane.

Since August 2007, this Nitech® Nitrogen Rejection Unit has performed beyond expectations in extreme climates and has enabled our customer to generate sellable gas, fuel gas and liquids from a previously unmarketable resource.


Low N2 Applications (<10.0 mole %)

With pipelines clamping down on nitrogen specifications, there is a growing need to remove nitrogen from previously marketable gas streams that contain a relatively low nitrogen content but greater than the pipeline thresholds of 2.0 to 3.0 mole %. Because of the flexibility of the Nitech process, these low N2 applications are a great fit for Nitech.

Nitech does not rely on nitrogen for refrigeration therefore the process does not require a minimum amount of nitrogen. Nitech can process a slip stream of your gas to less than 1.0 mole % bypassing the remaining volumes and blending to your specification. This saves capital and operating costs and Nitech does this without any complex process modifications or nitrogen recycle.

BCCK installed its first low N2 application several years ago where it continues to operate today and has new systems coming online soon.

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