Nitech® Benefits

  • Low capital cost – only three major components
  • Flexible design allowing wide range of inlet conditions
  • Low power consumption – no cryogenic rotating equipment
  • Simple, non-complex process design requiring minimal operator attention
  • Small footprint due to minimal equipment
  • Compression horsepower much lower than non-cryogenic NRU options
  • CO2 tolerant – no processing required beyond the capability of readily available mines
  • Nitrogen contents from 3 percent to 90 percent reduced to as low as 1 percent
  • High efficiency – hydrocarbon recovery typically in excess of 99 percent
  • Environmentally friendly – emits no non-methane VOCs
  • Quick restart
  • Cold restart from short shutdowns, online and on-spec just restart associated compression
  • Integrated NGL extraction with high NGL extraction efficiencies (up to 90 percent ethane recovery possible)
  • Integrated helium extraction with high helium recovery


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