Nitech® Process

nitrogenrejectionBCCK’s Nitech® Nitrogen Rejection Unit (NRU) technology enables operators to profitably recover once by-passed reserves, regardless of nitrogenCO2heliumoxygen or other potential contaminants. The Nitech® process is an economical, effective and highly efficient way to remove high concentrations of nitrogen from as little as 5 MMSCFD. It works equally well with inlet gas flows at 250 MMSCFD or greater. Plus, the patented Nitech® NRU delivers the efficiency of cryogenic processes with a much simpler, more reliable design.

With only three major components and no cryogenic rotating equipment, the Nitech® Nitrogen Rejection Unit (NRU) delivers the efficiency of traditional cryogenic processes, typically in excess of 99 percent, with a less complex, more reliable and lower cost design.

BCCK teams have installed Nitech® systems throughout the United States, producing extra revenue streams from nitrogen floods, fire floods, coal mine methane and naturally occurring low-BTU gas streams.


BCCK’s Nitech® technology has been used for:

  • Nitrogen floods with a wide range of nitrogen concentrations
  • Processing associated gas from a fire flood, including high nitrogen concentrations and integrated NGL extraction
  • Integrated NGL extraction. Almost every Nitech® installation, with the exception of the coal mine methane facilities, includes integrated NGL extraction
  • Integrated helium extraction, producing a crude grade helium stream

Also, when implemented in the mining industry, the Nitech® Nitrogen Rejection Unit process is able to provide additional revenue by processing previously vented gas for sale to the natural gas market.


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