Helium Recovery

heliumrecoveryfacilityOperators with higher concentrations of contamination in gas feed streams have discovered an economical, reliable solution to purify their gas while generating additional revenue from the separated and processed by-products. One particularly profitable by-product, even in small volumes, is helium. Helium is a rare commodity and the high demand for it calls for a premium price.

BCCK’s proven helium recovery units (HeRU) are generating significant revenue for operators in today’s market that are far greater than that of similar volumes of natural gas. BCCK has developed a proven helium recovery process that can be integrated with the patented Nitech® system with minimal additional equipment to provide a crude-grade helium product with a 99 percent plus helium recovery rate.

BCCK’s Nitech® NRU technology and engineering expertise enable operators to recover gas from helium-rich natural gas streams and significantly add to their bottom line.