Oxygen Removal

oxygenremovalBCCK’s proprietary oxygen removal process is helping create new revenue streams.

After developing its Nitech® process, BCCK began exploring nontraditional applications for its NRU technology to supplement traditional low-BTU natural gas plays. In working with a coal mine engineer, BCCK found the solution it was looking for.

Degasification wells located on inactive and active coal mine sites pull a low-BTU gas stream from the coal seam and void spaces in order to make mining operations safer. Traditionally this stream is vented into the atmosphere or used as a low-BTU fuel source. By applying the Nitech® process, the vented stream, which was once considered a waste product, was converted into a sellable commodity.

In addition to creating a new revenue stream, the process also reduces the environmental impact of the operation.


Oxygen Remove Process

coalmethanextractionBCCK’s process to extract methane from mines and remove contaminants such as nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide and water, is providing coal mines with a new source of revenue. Instead of venting coal mine methane into the atmosphere, the gas can be processed and used as fuel for mine equipment or sold to gas pipelines. Utilizing the Nitech® technology, BCCK has constructed coal mine methane facilities in Pennsylvania, Alabama and Illinois.

Benefits of Coal Mine Methane Extraction are:

  • It’s environmentally friendly — methane, a dangerous greenhouse gas, is captured and processed instead of vented to the atmosphere
  • Cost-effective fuel source — processed gas powers onsite equipment or can be sold to nearby gas pipelines
  • Potential for carbon credit trading as a qualified emissions reduction