Turbo Expander Plants

See construction footage from BCCK Engineering’s latest 60 MMSCFD RSV Cryo Plant project.

VIDEO: Time-lapse Footage from 60 MMSCFD RSV Cryo Plant

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Gas Processing Facilities Built for Optimized Efficiency

bcck_tarzan_towerBCCK’s designs ensure that your gas processing facility meets your specific product requirements with optimized efficiency. For more than 30 years, BCCK has developed extensive experience in cryogenic gas processing including NGL extraction and fractionation.

Our turbo expander plants help improve project economics by delivering custom engineered solutions with competitive pricing to off-the-shelf designs (from contract to start-up). BCCK’s solutions and proven process designs are specifically tailored for your specific project. As a result, our process will result in higher efficiencies, greater recoveries, and more operating flexibility across a wide range of inlet gas flow rates and concentrations than pre-engineered solutions. BCCK can provide custom designed GSP facilities, or Gas Subcooled Process facilities, as well as the highest ethane recovery (99 percent+) technologies on the market. In addition, our high ethane facilities are designed to maintain high propane recovery during ethane rejection. This maximizes revenue and provides operational flexibility that does not exist with off-the-shelf GSP designs.
In addition to custom designed plants and the associated advantages, BCCK also can offer custom designed results with a quicker delivery and lower costs by utilizing previous expander plant designs for your project. Our previous designs all process rich associated gas that would match almost any associated gas NGL extraction project. We can utilize near 100 percent of the previous design or make modifications per your specific requirements.

BCCK specializes in full EPC projects and can provide additional equipment, in addition to the turbo expander plant. This includes the following:

  • Nitech® nitrogen rejection
  • Helium recovery
  • CO2 removal 
  • TEG dehydration
  • Mole sieve dehydration
  • Propane refrigeration
  • Inlet gas chilling or dew point suppression
  • Condensate separation/stabilization
  • Flare systems
  • Product storage
  • Inlet separation and metering
  • Compression
  • NGL product fractionation
  • MCC’s and electrical power distribution
  • PLC and DCS control systems

Turbo Expander Plant Projects

  • 100 MMSCFD RSV
  • 100 MMSCFD RSV

NGL recovery solutions from BCCK are optimized for efficiency and designed to meet the specific requirements of a gas processing facility. Our experts have extensive experience in natural gas liquids (NGL) extraction and fractionation.

There is a great opportunity for nitrogen rejection with integrated NGL extraction, and specifically high NGL recovery. As nitrogen rejection unit (NRU) technology advanced, the obvious next step was to integrate NGL extraction with the cryogenic NRU process.

Most natural gas facilities need some type of NGL extraction in order to meet pipeline specifications. In BCCK’s extensive nitrogen rejection history, almost every Nitech® NRU installed for processing natural gas includes some type of NGL extraction.

Today, with higher liquid product values, it is more important than ever to integrate NGL extraction that has high NGL recoveries. By maximizing NGL extraction, natural gas facilities are not only meeting pipeline specifications, they are creating new revenue streams.